Nature is a wonder, to experience it is a privilege.

Game animals are such lovely creatures to observe.  Going to any zoo might cure your curiosity.  Seeing them up close in their natural habitat is however so much better.

Having nature surround you , enjoying some down-time and learning about all as you drive has a way to enlighten your being.

Some animals have certain ways and behaviours that is only noticeable when one is in the same surrounding as them. The small and flight-footed Steinbuck – who stands proudly with head held high, ears twitching in alertness.  The proudly South African Springbuck, grazing, unfazed and the Kudu (Ghost of the bush) walking proudly and majestically.

Early morning drives will enable you to see females that have young, feed them before hiding them away for safety.  As the mothers leave to graze so that they have sufficient milk.

Buffalo roll in the mud to wear of flies and ticks that tend to pest them as the sun heats up

Late afternoons animals come to water points and drink holes to quench the thirst of a hot day and to settle in for the night ahead.

Night time brings it’s own beauty in which nocturnal animals come out to forage and enjoy the cool night air. The variety is enormous.  Animals like the Batted Eared Fox, Aardvark, Springhaas and Porcupine being just some that is coming out to “play”.

Linksfontein Safari Lodge provides this and knows first had on how special such an experience is.  Let us show you….

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