Linksfontein - Sustainability Plan for 2018

Linksfontein – Sustainability Plan for 2018

The goal of an environmental sustainability project is to equip South African youth with knowledge and understanding of the local and international issues connected to environmental sustainability so that they might be able to put forth their ideas on how to tackle the challenges facing our world today….

With Linksfontein being a safari lodge, nature and all that goes with it, is important to us.  Preserving our nature and natural habitat is crucial, especially in the era of destruction we are currently facing.  Poaching being a huge factor as well as environmental pollution.

Children is the key to our future.  We can only preserve our future and ensure its sustainability if we educate our youth on how it is needed to be done – correctly.

Our aim at Linksfontein for 2018 is thus the following:

By means of our walking – and educational safari tours, we would be able to focus more on our youth.  The children of today are so influenced by tecnology, that the true meaning of being in nature, is gone…

What we at Linksfontein are trying to achieve:

  1. To teach our youth that being responsible starts with the small things and is a notion that must start to grow in oneself.
  2. By showing the youth what the impact of every action is, and providing them with adequate information on how to achieve this, we create an interest and a sense of responsibility.
  3. Teaching them on the importance of animals as well as plants in the circle of life, will broaden their perspective and minimise ignorance.
  4. By means of our social responsibility project – Aalwyn Primary School, we are able to show them that putting back in our community, financially, we are able to build and provide a stable environment where our underprivileged youth will be able to benefit from.
  5. This will create the understanding that conservation, economics and the community walk hand in hand.  They all influence each other in a extraordinary way.

Our year is almost at an end.  We had a very good rainy season and for the first time in a few years, we are more or less on the right track regarding food and water availability for our animals.

We also take in a few nature conservation students every year to assist them with their practical training.  These young people have a passion for nature, conservation and the love of it all.

Understanding comes from experience and in turn ensures responsibility.  Caring is protecting………..

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