Local Attraction Local Activity

Local Attraction Local Activity

To travel the world is a beautiful thing.  A privilege that not many are able to have.  When you travel to a destination, you travel because there are sights that you want to see.

You have either read or heard of these sights and are curios to explore that for yourself.  When travelling to Africa or South Africa, there are sights that attract you right away.

Cape Town and Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, U-Shaka Marine World, to name but a few.

However, it is often times found that the biggest secrets and treasures lie in the smallest, almost unknown places.

What does Linksfontein offer to make your visit worth-while?

Visitors finds Linksfontein  on the Ghaap Plateau of South Africa.  Our region is rich in history and blessed by two of the biggest rivers in South Africa.  We live close to nature and we treasure what is ours.

Kimberley and Historical Sights

The sights to see if you are a history fanatic, is excellent.  Historical sights include the Big Hole Diamond Mine, The McGregor Museum, The Sol Plaatjie Museum, The Kimberley Railway Museum, The Kimberley Open Mine Museum, The Duggan Cronin Gallery and the William Humphreys Art Gallery.

The whole history of Kimberley and its diamonds are nestled between these walls of these museums.  The struggles of the people who lived during that times as well as their accomplishments.

Treat yourself to a ghost-tour of “Old Kimberley”.  a Night time tour that takes you from the centre of Kimberley at the Honoured Dead Memorial all the way to the identical replica city during the Diamond Rush and the Siege of Kimberley  at the Big Hole.

Douglas and its Rivers

On the banks of one of the biggest rivers of South Africa – the Vaalriver,  lies Douglas, our nearest town. It is a small little agricultural town, rich in history.  Providing excellent opportunities regarding fishing,  boat tours, water activities, good food and good wine.

Wine that is produced by our own local cellar – Landzight Wines.  You have the chance to experience their wines first hand by enjoying a fun-filled day of tasting, touring and learning.

The Confluence of the two biggest rivers – The Vaal- and the Orangeriver is situated just out side of Douglas, and is a sight to behold.

Sights for animal lovers

If it is animals that makes your heart skip a beat, the Wild Hearts Rehab Centre and the Felidae Cat Sanctuary is your next stop.

The Wild Hearts Rehab Centre

This centre is situated just outside of Kimberley on the N12 to Cape Town.  The Wild Hearts Rehab Centre focuses on the rehabilitation and re-introduction of the various game back into their natural habitat. The manager is Ansabet  Snyman, who has been the manager since the centre officially opened its doors in 2012.

You will be able to experience first hand how they feed orphaned baby Rhinos, Baboons, Meerkats, Lions and more. It is a non-profitable organisation and any donation, however big or small, is welcomed with open arms.

Felidae Cat Centre

Felidae Centre is situated outside of Kimberley on route to Bloemfontein.  It is a save haven for all big cat species such as lions, leopards, civets, meerkats and more.

What makes this place so unique is that you have the chance to help take care of these animals.  It offers a wide variety of options – volunteering, adopting ect.

By volunteering you are able to help take care, feed and observe these lovely animals.  When you adopt a animal you do not take it home – no – you take care of it by sponsoring, donating and promoting.  You as a visitor can help by donating anything from food, money, blankets and much more.

The Northern Cape has so much to offer, the opportunities mentioned above, and more.

Never take the small things and places for granted.  The Northern Cape has a uniqueness about it that any visitor  must not  ignore.  

By visiting and staying at Linksfontein Safari Lodge, we will show you just how unique and special the Northern Cape, its local sight seeing destinations and its people are.







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