New Years Resolution 2017
New Years Resolution 2017
New Years Resolution 2017 and the New Year brings promise, excitement, planning and hard word. But our article isn’t about losing weight or starting a new exercise plan neither one of the other common personal resolutions people make.

Six Resolutions We Have For Linksfontein Safari Lodge:

First of all we would start by involving our partners and co-workers in goal setting and planning. Yes, this is our  business. Yes, it is our  financial stake and we are the ones taking the risk. And yet our team members are invested in the business too. They spend their time, effort, and energy. Everyone works hard to make all of this a success and involving everyone would make it a combined team effort.
Communicate more and in more ways.     
Communication is the corner stone of any business whether it is communicating with workers or friends or clients.  We as Linksfontein Safari Lodge pride our self on good communication but our resolution for 2017 is to make it even better.
Talk less, talk later and listen more:   
Listening to complaints and compliments is what makes our business successful. Taking in the negative by talking less and listening more helps us to strive to be the best at what we do and to improve in all aspects.
Focus feedback on the future:  
We want to improve – always. It is not always easy to hear critique, but in order to strive forward is to not look back on the future but take what was given in the past and let it shape the future in a positive way.
To Be a model to our Staff and Others:
Our staff is an important part of our success.  In order for them to be as effective as we need them to be, we have to be the example of how we want things in order to be productive  and how we want to do things.  Our wish for 2017 is to be a role model for our staff and co-workers and to treat them all with respect.
To make Linksfontein Safari Lodge as much a haven for travellers and clients, whether individuals and groups or families.  But most of all a home where one can let your soul rest and recharge.
All that is left to say is….
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!! from our family to yours

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