Reflection of Linksfontein Safari Lodge during the year 2016

Reflections of Linksfontein Safari Lodge during the year 2016. It starts with a smile when thinking that the last twelve months of the year 2016. It  has gone by so fast and I can not believe that 2017 is upon as again. Starting in January we were hoping for rain.  Unfortunately to no avail. Even with our rainy season normally being from November/December trough to March.

With this being the case, we started feeding all our game animals to ensure that there were no deaths.

Looking past the negativity, Linksfontein also had a good year with lots of blessings.  Our workers worked hard and we also had a few conferences and gatherings.  We received foreign visitors which was exiting and educational.

Meeting new people and learning of there cultures and way of life broadened our horizons and enlightened our perspective of the world.

Lodge improvements by adding a bigger grass area than we already had.

We took down unsightly fencing near the lodge and are now able to see the animals more closely.

We  started preparing a area for bush dinners – which is still a project in the making.

Our sundowner look-out point was finished and visitors has enjoyed quite a few light snacks and sundowner drinks while watching the sun set over Linksfontein Safari Lodge and our natural beauty.

We did add a new concession /area that broadens our borders and that adds to our spectacular view.  We now offer a bigger more exciting area to clients were they can encounter more of our 36 different animal species up close.

Had a small amount of rain and are still praying for more. We are positive as we see all the Springbuck and Impala having young. Noting tortoises walking about and all the “rain cactus plants”  blooming with big white flowers. Knowing that the old wives tale of these flowers forecasts rain.

Reflection of Linksfontein Safari Lodge during the year 2016 ends with thankfull hearts, blessed souls for what we have, appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us and hopes that 2017 would be even more epic

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