True Safari Lodge Experience - Linksfontein

True Safari Lodge Experience – Linksfontein

“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.”
― Stephen R. Covey,

So many times people would ask what the idea of the perfect getaway is?  Can one define it as a feeling you experience or the physical actions one take to achieve that level of satisfaction we desire?

When going on a Safari – in particular, it is either a “spur of the moment” decision or a travel plan made up and perfected well in advance.  What ever the case may be, going on a safari, of any kind, costs money.  It does not matter if you are a local client or a overseas one.  Thus so much more for the overseas clients, for their costs tend to be a considerable amount.

As Linksfontein Safari Lodge is situated in the very big Northern Cape Province of South Africa, there are a considerable amount of reasons why you should make this your destination of preference.

The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest province. Blessed  with desert landscapes, wildlife and gemstones. With Botswana, it shares Kgalagadi Transfro

ntier Park, whose red sand dunes shelter lions and falcons. Wild daisies and other springtime flowers carpet the typically arid plains of Namaqualand, a region stretching into Namibia.

Historic attributes of the Northern Cape

In Kimberley, the provincial capital, The Big Hole mine recalls the 1870s diamond rush.  The Battles between the English and the Boer Farmers as well as the Siege of Kimberly and the whole history regarding the diamond rush.

Our personal take on what makes a true safari experience

With us being a safari lodge, accommodation plays a big role.  It does not matter who you are or where you come form, accommodation excellence is crucial.

Having good quality, fresh, clean linen and bedding is non-negotiable.  As well as clean rooms and bathrooms with enough clean, dry towels.  a Sufficient supply of clothing hangers and toilet paper is a must.

Hot water and a comfortable mattress is needed.  The saying : “money buys comfort”, I find a little off.  It does not matter what you pay for your accommodation, the bare basics mentioned above is compulsory for every type of accommodation provider.

Animals and wildlife

Animals make out a big part of any safari.  Having well fed animals that are taken care of and are not running at the first sight of a game drive truck will make your experience so much better.

Having a well-informed field guide to help you learn more about the animals and to teach you about our habitat can make your safari an enjoyable and informed one.

Good food and good company

One has to eat, and having a nice lunch or a well prepared dinner is just what the doctor ordered after a day of exploration and fun.  Having the reassurance that your meals are prepared to your liking and that there is enough for everyone is a must.  No one wants to  be hungry.

Good company and a host or hostess that is engaging and friendly will make you feel at home and part of the family of that specific lodge.  It is their duty and their honour to treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Family friendly accommodation

When going on safari with your family, you want a place where you can both spend time with your children as well as some special time with your spouse.

Having a safe and secure facility where you can leave your children to be looked after while the adults take a afternoon nap or a late afternoon stroll through the veld, makes any safari lodge that much more appealing.

The list regarding the perfect safari experience is endless.  In the end it depends on you as a client and an individual on how you choose your safari destination.   According to your own personal needs and preferences.

For some being able to go on a safari only comes once in a lifetime.   Be sure that when you choose, you choose the right one.  One that will attend to your financial as well as emotional needs…….



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