Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Linksfontein Safari Lodge, welcomes you. Let this be the first step in your journey to visit Linksfontein Safari Lodge.  Our aim and promise at Linksfontein Safari Lodge, is  to give our local as well as our international clients  a destination they can come to when the need for  a truly South African getaway and need for peace, quiet and tranquillity for the soul arises.

Integrity, honesty and hospitality are at the core of our values and we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do and at what we offer to our clients.

Linksfontein is the destination where people arrive as clients and leaves as friends leaving a footprint in our souls…

Linksfontein is fenced on the outer bounds as prohibited by South African Law and stretches an impressive 22 000 acres, offering 38 different animal species, from the majestic and elusive Kudu to the graceful Giraffe and the silent Steenbuck.

Our Lodge is situated on the Ghaap Plateu near the historical little town of Campbell in the Northern Cape of South Africa, 115 km kilometres from Kimberley on route to Griekwastad, a little town rich in history in its own right. With big historical crevices dating back thousands of years and a view from the top of the Ghaap Plateu, making us a part of history captured in modern day luxury.

At the helm of this oasis is Phillip and Bernie Coetzee who has been managing this institution as a couple with their two daughters for the last 12 years. With the experience they have acquired through the years working with clients, loving what they do and harnessing a deep respect for nature, they will make sure that your stay will be as memorable and everlasting as possible.

Our promise to our clients is that you will always come first and that every decision and action taken will be done so with only the client’s best interest at heart and to make their stay and experience at Linksfontein a trip to remember, aiming to make every client that arrives feel like part of the Linksfontein Safari Lodge family,

Providing a comfortable 9 room  en suite double bedroom lodge, air-conditioned facilities, satellite dish television in the main social area, indoor and outdoor barbeque areas swimming pool and vast open grass areas for all sort of outdoor activities as well as good wholesome uniquely South African catering, this being just some of the features, services and experiences we offer at Linksfontein Safari Lodge.

With us having visited outside our own country borders, we know from experience how daunting, exiting and sometimes nervous a foreign client can be, and having this personal understanding, will  thus be able to help them relax and enjoy this safari experience of a lifetime.

Linksfontein Safari Lodge | Northern Cape – We offer you luxury accommodation linked to the best safari experience in South Africa.