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Linksfontein Safari Lodge – Campbell


Linksfontein Safari Lodge is situated on the Ghaap Plateau of the Northern Cape.

Close to a small town by the name of Campbell.

Linksfontein Safari Lodge covers an impressive 10 000 hectares of unbridled nature. We have a wide variety of game animals (38 species) to view and admire and learn from.

The town of Campbell has a small black community, a school, an old historic church, two small tuck shops and a police station.

The Livingstone heritage stone church is situated here – a natural heritage sight.


Linksfontein has been in this area for many many years, dating back almost 120 years of just civilised farmers farming and living here. It used to be a big communal area where 12 to 15 farmers each had a small piece of land. There used to be a small little farm school and the neighbouring farm children came to attend.

As the years and times changed, the farmers started buying one another out. In the end there was just one farmer and thus one owner left. Old Hans Faber Senior.

Since then Linksfontein has changed hands between three owners, including the current owner.

On some areas there is still small little ruins of the little houses of the past to be seen, left just as is, and reminding us everyday that there once also lived and laughed a family there, just as we laugh and live at the lodge today.


As Linksfontein is situated on the Ghaap Plateu, some of our outer borders reach way down the mountain ridge. It is here where probably our biggest gem lies….

The natural coves and rock crevices dates back millions of years and the rock formation itself is a wonder.

Known as Jonas Klip / Rock, this rocks has a very distinctive formation as was caused millions of years ago by lava explosions and later the natural water lake that was here.

Our best area for grass growth is then in between this rocks, because when it rains the water lingers there for longer, thus providing a more sufficient amount of hydration.

From rocky ridges to grassland to limestone plates – this is all what Linksfontein is made of and although seemingly harsh, a true gem and little oasis with natural fountains and underground water plates.


Our lodge consists of 9 en-suite bedrooms.

Each build with comfort and practicality in mind. As this was the old farmhouse, we have tried to keep it as original as possible, but enhanced it to make it comfortable, with a added amount of luxury.

Our aim is to provide comfort, hospitality and cater for our clients needs and by keeping all of this natural – we provide a feeling of home and belonging as soon as we open our main gate to you.

We have fully equipped staff, guides and in house chef.

Big open grass area, outside pool and conference area. Enjoy a snack or lunch on our terrace while viewing animals at the waterhole.

Outside fire pit provides the perfect setting to social around the fire while enjoying good company and good wine.

Inside we have custom build sleeper wood furniture providing the perfect seating and atmosphere to our bar, dining and social area with in house barbeque area.

Hiking, doing game drives and having sundowners on or ridges is what makes the Linksfontein Safari Experience so unique and unforgettable.


As the saying goes: “knowledge is power”, and going on one of our historical tours is just that, an empowerment of knowledge.

From the Big Hole Diamond Mine in Kimberley ( to the Magersfontein Battle Fields just outside of Kimberley, where the English and the Boers both fought bravely. (

If history is not your niche but fishing and drinking wine is, then the Vaal River is the place to be. The second biggest river in South Africa, this river offers activities such as fishing, fly fishing boat rides and more. (

And the confluence just outside of Douglas, where the Vaalriver and Orange Rivers meet.

Our home – your destination – an unforgettable experience

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