Experience High Threshold Photography Up Close

Experience High Threshold Photography Up Close

To see an animal is a wondrous thing, but to experience it up close to the point of touching distance, is mind blowing…..

Linksfontein Safari Lodge covers 10 000 hectares. Linksfontein Safari Lodge has 38 different animal species. We have created an opportunity for visitors to view them up close.  We have 18 carefully constructed viewing thresholds ( blinds). These thresholds are fully equipped with seating bench or chairs for relaxing while you view the animals.

The majority is also situated near water points and waterholes.  This ensures that animals are sure to be viewed.

To make this activity even more enjoyable we have added a snack basket and cooler box with refreshments to keep you sated while viewing.

Viewing times are from 08:00 till 11:00 in the morning as this is the a primary time for a mid-morning drink. An afternoon viewing session is from 16:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon.

Necessities for High Threshold Photography

To experience high threshold photography up close to the fullest, you need the most important.  First and foremost a positive mind set is key.  Nature has a way of speaking to your soul and to clear one’s mind

A good and sufficient quality camera is a must. ( how else are you suppose to capture memories?)

a Good directory regarding South African animals is wise. This gives you a overview of each animal.  Participating in experiencing high threshold photography up close provides information on behaviour, diet, reproduction, tracks and special characteristics.

You have the option of viewing privately or with a professional guide educated in our animals and who has a good knowledge of Linksfontein Safari Lodge.

Price per person is R350.00 including snack basket and cooler box with refreshments and transport to and from threshold.

Don’t just experience nature – live it with Linksfontein Safari Lodge





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