The Sundowner Experience - Linksfontein Safari Lodge

The Sundowner Experience –  Linksfontein Safari Lodge

When your soul needs to find peace and your mind needs to reminisce…

The Sundowner Experience – Linksfontein Safari Lodge is an must for every visitor.

Sundowners has been around for a very long time and they vary in difference in all aspects.  Large groups, small groups, couples ect. each one is different.

What makes us different then, you may ask?  The Sundowner Experience with Linksfontein Safari Lodge is unique in its own way.  First our scenery is breath taking.

As we span over a 10 000 hectare area with 38 different animal species, the trip to our lookout points are always filled with animals and beautiful nature to appreciate.

We as Linksfontein Safari Lodge put great care into planning each sundowner experience.  Linksfontein understands that every individual is unique.  It is our aim to cater for that special uniqueness and personal preference.

Reaching our location, you will find a comfortable area near one of our largest coves.  Here we put up chairs for those who prefer. we tend to find that sitting on the natural stone steps, is even better.

A spread of hot and cold snacks will surprise you.  a Fresh fruit and biscuit platter is pack according to your personal taste.

Drinks, refreshments and something a little stronger will help all this go down smoothly.

The Sundowner Experience – Linksfontein Safari Lodge is the perfect setting to end of any day or a divine start to a lovely evening.


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