Funny African Safari Stories


Funny African Safari Stories

Sometimes at the most unexpected moments the funniest things happen that makes memories that will last a lifetime……


The day before we got to Savuti (and we saw the pictures!) Thuto, our guide, told us he spotted a constrictor on the side of the road, over 2 meters long. He stopped the jeep and got out, held it up and talked about it. Put it down when he was done and got into the jeep. The snake had crawled up into the undercarriage.

After a while the people in the jeep had spotted it sticking its head out, of course they cried out and Thuto stopped the jeep came over to the wheel well and started pulling the snake out. Just then a report of wild dogs came over the radio when the snake was a third out. Being the great guide he was he let go of the snake and raced to the driving wheel to go find the dogs.

Meanwhile the snake crawled back under the jeep. And they no longer saw the snake. Well the dogs have moved off by the time they got there and the guests no longer saw the snake, but they checked for it when they got to camp. Thuto opened the hood up and guess what? There was the snake! Had been with them the whole time. Hours! I saw the digital pictures too!

As told by  : Wulfstan


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