Niche Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Niche Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Every business has a niche, a reason it is started and a need that it full fills in its surrounding community.

The internet has a vast variety of explanations regarding niches.  Definitions, how to’s, easy steps and so forth.

I see a niche, and in particular, Linksfontein’s niche,  as a way or means of education, a way of promoting wildlife, a financial business from which there is to profit from and luxury accommodation to top it all off.

Let me explain:

Linksfontein as a way or means of education:

The farm, Linksfontein has been around for many years.  It has seen good times as well as bad times.  Being here, everyday, has educated its personnel to a point where we can loosely say, ” we know it all”.

Being able to have clients here helps us help them.  Students that come here to do their practical environmental studies learn from our experience.  Experience that we have learned trough years of trying and failing and getting up and getting it right.

City people that comes here and sees a Giraffe in real life for the first time, is a learning experience.

Linksfontein as a way of promoting wildlife.

Why was Linksfontein started?  Because we have a passion for wildlife.  We want to help sustain our wild animal numbers.  There is a need for breeding and maintaining our wildlife species so that they do not become extinct or over populated.

By means of farming with wild animals we can provide a place where people can come and see these animals in their natural habitat.  See for themselves how these animals behave.  How they interact with other animals, animal species and humans.

When farming with these wild animals, we are able to educate people in a way that they can see for themselves.

Linksfontein as a financial business from which there is to profit from.

The reason that any business starts and survives is money.  Money buys the feed we give to our animals in times of drought and during harsh winter times.  It enables us to buy in new animals from different farms in order to have “new blood” in our bloodlines.  Money helps us pay our staff and our bills.

It ensures that we are able to provide an excellent service to our community and our clients.

Linksfontein as a safari unit

I have explained a few aspects of Linksfontein as a business.  Being in the safari/travel/tourism business food and accommodation is of big importance.

Our aim is to provide luxury accommodation.  Accommodation that is comfortable, affordable (but not cheap) and effective.  Being able to provide our clients with sufficient warm water when they want to shower and clean, crisp linen to sleep on is our goal.

We have seen the need for nature-based accommodation and we are trying to live up to all expectations.

Our food or cuisine is of the same importance and being able to provide that service is a privilege.

So in short – we at Linksfontein saw a need in the wildlife and tourism industry.  We have build our beautiful lodge with all that goes with it.

Next time you drive past our name-board, take a turn, come in and let us help you experience life, the Linksfontein Safari Lodge way……


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