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“Authenticity–The quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original. Truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, and intentions.”

The Meaning Of Authenticity In Business – Based on this definition, when someone is being authentic, their behaviour, manners, language, attitudes–everything about them–are consistent and apparent in everything they do. They freely show their real selves to others. There is a connection between their words and actions, between who they are as a person and who they are as an entrepreneur, between how they act in private and how they act in business.

For us, authenticity in business means:

  1. Being accountable, admitting mistakes, and apologising. Authentic people don’t bury their mistakes or point fingers.
  2. Respecting others and crediting them for their achievements and ideas. Authentic people don’t “borrow” ideas from others; they have plenty of their own ideas.
  3. Willingly and freely helping others without expectations of getting something in return. Authentic people don’t keep scorecards.
  4. Having the courage to acknowledge their emotions and communicate honestly with others. Authentic people don’t pretend to be what they aren’t.

Being honest and forthright in everything. Authentic people don’t exaggerate or shade the truth. 
When it comes to developing products and services, authenticity is an important element in developing long-term customer relationships.

Like with building any business, maintaining authenticity is key.  It makes you who you are and sets you apart from the rest.  Linksfontein already exists a long time, and turning into a safari lodge is our way of saying, “This is who we are, we are unique and we are trying everyday to embrace our authenticity”.

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