Safari clothing in South Africa – Spring


Safari clothing in South Africa – Spring

The ‘shoulder months’ of Spring and Autumn are always a tricky one as far as packing is concerned. Temperatures may vary considerably within an average two week vacation period. As you never know when Winter will change to Spring or indeed Spring to Summer…

Even if the days are warm and sunny, night time temperatures will be noticeably cooler. So have a warmer jacket for the evenings – for women pashminas work well.

Whilst you are on safari, be prepared for low temperatures once the sun has set, and also in the early morning (especially taking the wind chill factor into account on a moving open air game vehicle).

So bring variety – both cool and hot weather options – t-shirts, short-sleeved tops, swim gear – especially if you are spending time in the Kruger but be ready for temperatures to change from one day to the next.

Safari clothing in South Africa – Spring packing tips

• Warm jacket or sleeveless padded jacket for the start & end of the day
• Lighter shirts, including short sleeves
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Long trousers for evening (for mosquitos and sudden cooler weather)
• Neutral colours if you intend to do a walking safari

Linksfontein is no different.  Our mornings during springtime can be crisp and sometimes even chilli.  It warms during the day and then cools down as dusk approaches.

Light summer clothing with a warm something to put or drape over the shoulders should be sufficient.


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