Tourism,Responsibility,Economics,Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Tourism,Responsibility,Economics, Linksfontein Safari Lodge

Look around you. You may be living in a big city, a suburb, a few stretches of land or even a farm.  Some of you might even be as fortunate as us and live on a game farm.

No matter where you live or how your area looks around you, there is always a sense of responsibility that surrounds you.

I never see what has been done, I only see what remains to be done… Buddha

Travelling and believing in the “greater good” is for many a very exciting and honourable notion.  As one travels the world you encounter many different cultures, people,believes and more.

Every country has it’s own problems and it’s areas that needs special care and attention. Poverty, poor health care and suffering ecological problems are at the order of the day.

Being diverse as the world is, so does every country have it’s own methods in dealing with these problems.  It is easy to point the finger when one feels that it is “not my responsibility”, however you are wrong.

Where ever your feet treads and your head rests, there is where you leave a part of you. All of this suffering is partly because of us – humans, with the capability to do and think more so  than our animal friends.

We tend to throw something out the window without thinking, we listen to news and look at social media and we more than often believe what we are told, even if it is not always the truth.

Oil spills in the ocean, waste being dumped in the ocean, there are so many to blame, but what would make a difference? – Being part of those who blame, or being a part of those who try to make a difference?

Poverty in our country is due to mismanagement of parliament. Again people making decisions and putting blame, rather than part of resolving the problem.

Hunting – a sensitive and controversial subject.  The hunting industry is a business, as is hospitality, as it is with most institutions.

The difference comes in when you look further than just that what you see, and dig deeper to come to the heart of it all.

‘No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow…….Lin Yutang

For many years, South Africa has been the destination to go to when you want to go on safari or on a hunt or combine both. It still is a beautiful destination with lots of promise and diversity, but in recent years, the world tends to see only what they want to.

Yes, there are those who take nature and animals for granted, disrespect them and do not look after it. Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Tourism walk hand in hand – in our own personal opinion. For a business to give back to its community and its workforce is what drives it. It motivates its employees and gives them a feeling of belonging and being needed.

Just like a business, we as individuals need to give back. Back to the places we visit, back to the animals we see and leave a positive impact for those who are to follow.

Put your rubbish in a bag.  Do not take fauna or flora out if it is not permitted. Take care to not damage or harm any historical sights. Take the time to discover the humanity side of all. Participate in helping to make a difference, no matter how small.

“This day……  I Made May Life Count – I Made a Difference…… An Impact”……

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