Linksfontein Safari Lodge Animals

Linksfontein Safari Lodge Animals – so many to choose from one does not know where to start the journey

Linksfontein Safari Lodge has a vast number of animal species – 36 to be precise. When asked what our personal favourite is, the answer differs so much, that the only true answer should be:  “All of them”.

The very powerfull “Ghost of the Bush” , The Kudu bul is a huge favourite of many.  So is the big and bulky Eland. The skittish Steenbuck with its small ever-twitching ears and its fine, stick-like legs, are able to melt your heart to the point that it can make any big, buff male turn into a ball of mush!

The list is endless and each person we encounter has their own personal favourite.  I would, however, like to tell you about my favourites and why.

My animal list:

The Egyptian Goose, The Fallow Deer, The Sable Antelope, The Giraffe and the Common Springbuck.

It is July, and at this time the geese has babies – again! This time a whole bunch of 7 of them.  Last year they only had 5.  Although the adults are calling them constantly and being over-protective as can be – these little goslings still wonders off to explore the unknown.

These animals are but a few of the numerous amount that still awaits you to be seen.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein



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